My Patterns



This is the first pattern I have created. The name Kassandra is from the old cat living together with us. I studied her paws and they are white with black spots.


The pattern V-Lampz comes from a lamp I have in our staircase. It is made of glass and iron.


When I was a little child my mother used to weave in the evenings when me and my siblings were in bed. She often used a pattern called "Rosengång" and from that I made this pattern.

Mec Mec

My two boys had chocks of wood from wich they could make a lot of fantastic constructions. They had a lot of fun playing with that, and that´s were Mec Mec comes from.


I had a young student once who knew a lot about sharks. We studied sharks together. This pattern was developed out of those studies and I had a lot of trouble with it in the start, it didn´t come out the way I liked it. Then I found out similarities between human spine and the shark spine and there are similarities! The pattern came very natural after that!


Since our cat got her own pattern, our Pumi-dog Bisse had to get hers! She is born in Hungary and her Hungarian name is Puzstasarja Lencse so the name of the pattern is Lenche!

This tangle I made out of my best friends name. L is the first letter in his forname and O is the first letter in his last name. The pattern can be drawn in a grid or very freely. It can be used as a ribbon, a border, as a spacefiller or a solitaire. It is very simple to learn and relaxing to do. 

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