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This is the first pattern I have created. The name Kassandra is from the old cat living together with us. I studied her paws and they are white with black spots.


The pattern V-Lampz comes from a lamp I have in our staircase. It is made of glass and iron.


When I was a little child my mother used to weave in the evenings when me and my siblings were in bed. She often used a pattern called "Rosengång" and from that I made this pattern.

Mec Mec

My two boys had chocks of wood from wich they could make a lot of fantastic constructions. They had a lot of fun playing with that, and that´s were Mec Mec comes from.


I had a young student once who knew a lot about sharks. We studied sharks together. This pattern was developed out of those studies and I had a lot of trouble with it in the start, it didn´t come out the way I liked it. Then I found out similarities between human spine and the shark spine and there are similarities! The pattern came very natural after that!


Since our cat got her own pattern, our Pumi-dog Bisse had to get hers! She is born in Hungary and her Hungarian name is Puzstasarja Lencse so the name of the pattern is Lenche!

This tangle I made out of my best friends name. L is the first letter in his forname and O is the first letter in his last name. The pattern can be drawn in a grid or very freely. It can be used as a ribbon, a border, as a spacefiller or a solitaire. It is very simple to learn and relaxing to do. 


This was made for my father´s birthday 19th of April. I wanted it to be easy to learn but also have a strong approach.


Almost a grid-pattern! It looks like one and it can be drawn in a grid but it is not necessary. The name Iris is because it is made for our youngest dog, Iris. This pattern is obidient as she is but also very playful and may go in any direction. It can be drawn light and airy or heavy and darker. Hope you will like it!

Hearts 4 G

Here I have created a pattern for my eldest son Gunnar as a celebration of his birthday! You can read more about this in my blogpresentation here.


I found a beautiful wallpaper that must be deconstructed to a tanglepattern! Here comes the step-out:

And here a pic of the wallpaper:

Link to the blogpost here!

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