tisdag 15 augusti 2017

13th, 14th and 15th of August

Here is my latest calendarpage:

13th of August: Bysomnus (Milde Weiss) is a fascinating tangle. It is kind of wild and starting to draw it makes things go in other ways than expected. I love that but I intended to try Caps (Sue Bailey) with it too, but Bysomnus can be very dominant and you hardly see Caps in this!
14th of August: Caps in focus because I felt some guilt for what happened on the 13th! Caps is a fun pattern and drawing it make me feel a party is going on! Here with CO2 (Antonine Megger) and Fescu.
15th of August: Today our black beautiful Pumi Bisse celebrates her 2nd birthday! Lenche, is a pattern made for her and the name Lenche is Bisse´s hungarian name. Caps went on and Oddbalz (Francoise Lip) joined!

As Bysomnus has its caracter of a wild and dominant pattern it will be a pattern I come back to, because it teases me and I never know where it will go! I can´t lock it in! I can´t decide what will happen next! So yesterday i decided to try it with a string on a tile:

I tangled in a round again, since I want to explore the possibilities doing so. Starting with Bysomnus, adding Sandswirl (Karry Heun), Diva Dance (Zt) and at last I added Tipple (Zt) as a border. I felt I had to do that too keep Bysomnus where I placed it! :)

2 kommentarer:

Suse sa...

I love seeing Capz featured in your calendar pages Anita, I think you're the first I've seen use it! I love the variations you used too. This is a fun set of pages!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Sue!😄