söndag 20 augusti 2017

Joey´s challenge and a fresh start!

Made by Joey has moved from the old page to this. It is a fresh start! The new challenge is so exciting! We are supposed to use 9 tiles and get something to include in our tiles each week. Here is my start:

Nine tiles with a penciled border and a string running all over the tiles. Then the first challenge: Include African Artist (Tina Hunziker) in the first tile:

And here is the closeup:

The patterns I used: African Artist (which is an old favourite of mine, now remembered!),Orbs-de-la-Dee (Anneken van Dam), Bee Bug (Sarah Fowler), Beadline (Margaret Bremner) and Cadent. I can´t wait till the next pattern is announced! this is so fun!

lördag 19 augusti 2017

Diva´s challenge- Guest Post Marguerite Samama

As I said in yesterdays´s post, Marguerite Samama made the guestpost for the Diva this week. The focus is on fragment D1 from Zentangle Primer. It is such a fun challenge, it can lead to whatever! I love this because there is a lot of possibilities to get surprised! Here I tried this on a black tile:

Except D1 I used Wud (Joni Feddersen) and Snorr (Sandy Hunter. The string is Margaret Bremners "ropestring". It was such a joy to do this! Thank´s Marguerite for a relaxing challenge!

fredag 18 augusti 2017

Happy Birthday IAST! And triangles in my calendar.

Isn´t this amazing! Adele Bruno has challenged tanglers all over the world for four years now! IAST Happy birthday to you! Every birthday adds one more candle to the string. Here is my happybirthdaytile for IAST 208.

The patterns for the celebration are: Trella (Adele Bruno), Copada (Margaret Bremner), Wud (Joni Feddersen) and Knightsbridge (Zt). I colored this tile with micron and watercolor. It took me some time to figure out where to start and how to make this. Then I decided to skip the planning and started with my favouriteborder, Wud. This is what came out. All patterns Adele wanted us to use are there! I am surprised!

In my calendar I tried to use patterns with triangles only the last three days. I love triangles and very often I come back to triangles as I paint. It also happens that Marguerite Samama is the guestblogger for the Diva´s challenge and she chose a fragment as a challenge. Fragment D1. As I thought about it I immediately saw that it would be perfect for my little triangle-play! So this will be my first entry on that challenge!

16th of August: Impossible triangles, Fragment D1 from Zentangle Primer and Knase.
17th of August: Fragment D1, D11, `NZeppel and Munchin.
18th of August: Tringle (Lara Williams) and `NZeppel. 

Tringle was all new to me, I found it here.

tisdag 15 augusti 2017

13th, 14th and 15th of August

Here is my latest calendarpage:

13th of August: Bysomnus (Milde Weiss) is a fascinating tangle. It is kind of wild and starting to draw it makes things go in other ways than expected. I love that but I intended to try Caps (Sue Bailey) with it too, but Bysomnus can be very dominant and you hardly see Caps in this!
14th of August: Caps in focus because I felt some guilt for what happened on the 13th! Caps is a fun pattern and drawing it make me feel a party is going on! Here with CO2 (Antonine Megger) and Fescu.
15th of August: Today our black beautiful Pumi Bisse celebrates her 2nd birthday! Lenche, is a pattern made for her and the name Lenche is Bisse´s hungarian name. Caps went on and Oddbalz (Francoise Lip) joined!

As Bysomnus has its caracter of a wild and dominant pattern it will be a pattern I come back to, because it teases me and I never know where it will go! I can´t lock it in! I can´t decide what will happen next! So yesterday i decided to try it with a string on a tile:

I tangled in a round again, since I want to explore the possibilities doing so. Starting with Bysomnus, adding Sandswirl (Karry Heun), Diva Dance (Zt) and at last I added Tipple (Zt) as a border. I felt I had to do that too keep Bysomnus where I placed it! :)

söndag 13 augusti 2017

Abukas I and II

I had to do some Abukas (Charlotte Carpentier) today. This pattern is addictive. Easy to embellish and that´s why I think there will come up a lot of variations. To me it is important that Abukas is a pattern that goes on and on and bring me into the zen almost immediately. So I made two tiles right away:

Abukas I: Started with Abukas in the corner using a string of my own,but the string disappeared. The patterns following Abukas are Dreamcatcher (Daniel Lamothe), Antidots (Anita Roby Lavéry) and Tipple (Zt).

Abukas II: I tried to make a combo with Arukas and I tangled it all in a round. Not perfect, but I loved to do it! So fun!

10th, 11th and 12 of August

I did mention my lack of structure working in my calendar. But I realize there is some structure anyhow! Not a planned one maybe. The last three days I have jumped into new patterns irresistible to me!
10th: Cross-ur-heart (Jenna Black). This one has been in my pile with patterns to try for about a month. The name is wonderful! Cross-ur-Heart! And the pattern is emerging from itself and it just goes on and on! Love that!
11th: Here comes Abucas (Charcat / Charlotte Carpentier). Oh this one I fall in love with! Lynn Shelton Mead presented the pattern in Square One as a pattern related to her Abeko and Arukas (Zt). And yes it is! Here I let Abeko come along and my new friend Aloha (Suzanne Fluhr).
12th: Bysomnus (Milde Weizz). As I first saw it I knew this one will stay! It reminds of several other patterns but with added dimensions in it! I can do this in my sleep!

My conclusion is: Three days theme. Patterns new to me! I smile as I learned something about myself, I have a structure but it is somewhat subconscious!

fredag 11 augusti 2017

IAST 207

Cross-ur-heart (Jenna Black) is a pretty new tangle. This is the focus on IAST 207 and it should be done as a monotangle.

It was a challenge to use this tangle in the suggested string. No matter if Adele pointed out that we should think freely about the string in this case. Cross-ur-heart is a fluently going pattern, it is easy to learn and easy to draw.  But I wanted it in the center of the tile!!! Anyhow, this is the way it went and I am glad I did it and satisfied with the way it came out in the end.

onsdag 9 augusti 2017

Weekly challenge with guestblogger Suzanne Fluhr and a calendarpage

The Diva´s challenge this week is created by Suzanne Fluhr. She gave us her own pattern, Aloha.  It is an organic and bold pattern. With many possible way to go. I started with a try in my calender below and then I went on an ordinary tile using watercolor:

I haven´t tried Aloha before. But the pattern attracts me and it can be done in many ways. 

Here is my calendarpage for the last three days:

As I look at this I I find it crowded and quite messy. But this is the way it is. It reflects my state of mind right now I think.
7th of August: This day was emotional. I remembered my friend that passed away and used only L and O tangles. Patterns: Lollipops (Suzanne McNeill), Orange Peal (Suzanne McNeill), Orbs de la Dee (Anneke van Dam), Lotus Pods (Margaret Bremner) LO´s (mine) and Onamato (Zt).
8th of August: I tried to follow Adele Bruno´s tips for tangling Pach (Judy Okawa). All of a sudden the pattern was flowing! Thank´s Adele! Crescentmoon (Zt) also joined.
9th of August: My first try on Aloha (Suzanne Fluhr) and also a first round with Fluxeed (terri Delaune). And of course Fescu (Zt)

tisdag 8 augusti 2017


Today I wanted to go on with round ones. So I choose a white zendala-tile. It is different from drawing in a round on an ordinary tile. It is larger. And for me it takes a little bit more time to do than a tile 8,9x8,9 cm. The zendala is 11,7 cm diameter. But as I start I love to do them. Here is my today:

The patterns that came by: Pach (Judy Okawa), Balloya (Anya Lothrop) Orbs de la Dee (Anneke van Dam), Beadline (Margaret Bremner) and Locar (Zt). Pach is a pattern I learned not long ago. But looking at the steps was not enough! As Adele Bruno posted her tips for drawing it, I suddenly could draw it easily and fluently! Thank´s Adele!

Today I made a string very simply using another tile to draw the "wings" and then a can-lid to get an inner circle. Sometimes it is good to have a geometric structure and I thought I needed one for this occasion.

A funny thing, today I had to go and consult my dentist to solve a problem (it has to do with age I am afraid) and as I look at this zendala I can´t help looking at white teeth! I didn´t plan the patterns and where they should be, they knew it themselves! And I end up with a smile! 

måndag 7 augusti 2017

Tangling in memoriam

Today is a special day. One year ago my best friend passed away. My thoughts has gone to him and what we experienced together. In my daily meditation I used the pattern I dedicated for him just a few days before he passed away, LO´s. The other patterns in this tile are: Scute (Lily Moon), Beebug (Sarah Fowler), Knightsbridge (Zt), Embedded letters, Tipple (Zt) and my chop as a pattern/fragment. Tangling is always very personal. This is personal. The outcome is not what counts, it is the process and tangling is a way to heal what is broken and gone. 

söndag 6 augusti 2017

4th, 5th and 6th of August

To tangle in a calendar is fun. I have seen a lot from other tanglers doing the same by now. Some are very structured and some are not. Mine is not. I the calendar I just draw what comes up that day. Recently I have seen several new patterns that are so cool and that I love at the first sight. Three of them jumped into this calendarpage:

4th of August: Beebug (Sarah Fowler). So playful and so flexible!
5th of August: I will try Cadent now and then, so here I started with this pattern. Then there is Scute (Lily Moon Luna) which is a geometric channel-pattern with a lots of possibilities!
6th of August: Oddbalz (Francoise Lip). Also a Channel-pattern with a lot of fun! Drawing this I get a smile on my face! 

lördag 5 augusti 2017

A challenge in Today´s Tangles

Lynn Shelton Mead has made a challenge in Today´s challenge which is wonderful and basic. In the challenge she choose patterns that all are my favourites! So how could I not participate! :) Here is my tile:

Patterns: Fassett (Lynn Shelton Mead, Munchin (Zt), Shattuck (Zt), Paradox (Zt)and Tipple. I also added some Dewdrops following her instruction (as well as I could). To draw patterns that are so well known to me, I know them all by heart, is the best way to do zentangle. It is basics and as I started with Muchin I didn´t have to think what was coming next, all of them took place where they wanted. I loved to do this!

torsdag 3 augusti 2017

IAST 206 and the calendar 1st-3rd of August

For IAST 206 has Adele Bruno picked tangles that are known to me. Two of them are tangles I use freequently, one I only have done in my sketchbook. 

Funbee(Beate Winkler), is such a lovely little tangle, that makes me smile when I use it. Yincut (Zt) I used a lot as I learned it and now and then it comes back to me. This is my first tile with Pach (Judy Okawa) I think. Using it in a context with other tangles is really fun! So it may land in my pile with go-to-tangles after this round! 

My first page for August in the calendar:

As usual Carole Ohl has picked fragments to start the month with. This time J15 and K15 from the Zentangle Primer. J15 and K15 are not my favourites among the fragments, so I decided to use them all over the page and see what came out of the pen. 1st of August I tried it in a ordinary square reticula as suggested. I wasn´t too happy about the result. 2nd of August I decided to use Pico (Staub Korn) as a fragment and this went a little wilder and I like this better. 3rd of August I blew it up and had to improvise to make it work which led to a striped fragment and a little different fragment from original. I loved the outcome of this and I had fun doing it! Which means: don´t give up on anything. Just do it more!

onsdag 2 augusti 2017

Diva Dancing in Lisbon

Henrike Bratz, guestblogger on Diva´s challenge, recently visited Lisbon and was fascinated by the patterns she saw on tiles there. I haven´t been to Lisbon, but I have been to places where they have such beautiful tiles on the walls, on the floor, in the bathroom and other places. I know what she is talking about. One of the patterns she has deconstructed and called it The Lisbon fragment. Here is a pic of the pattern:

Museu Nacional do Azulejo, Lissabon

And when you clic here you come to her steps. She asked us to use Diva Dance together with her fragment and the theme is Diva dancing in Lisbon! A wonderful theme. Here comes my entry for this challenge:

Yes. I made it on one of my recycled watercolortiles. I choose this one because I thought of the light at night in a place were people dances somewhere at the Atlantic coast... Maybe Lisbon. Now I have to go back to my photos from Maroc and such places....

måndag 31 juli 2017

31st of July

Last day of July. This month I have overcome something. Peanuckle was a pattern I did avoid. I don´t any more! So today I made another pattern, which is a project not to avoid! I haven´t done it for quite a long time.

Yes it is Cadent (Zt). It looks nice when other tanglers use it, but when I do it I am not comfortable. Something with the lazy S:es. To keep focus on one stroke at a time... I need to work on it. And the shading too. I have to go for that. So that is a project in August to make friends with Cadent. Here with Fun Bee (Beate Winkler) and Fescu (Zt)

Todays meditation. I made another tile with Trisnail (Jenna Black).

I like the edgy approach of this pattern!Knase (Zt) and Tipple (Zt)also came by. And something else.

söndag 30 juli 2017

Slow down with the snail

Sometimes it is more difficult than other days to just slow down and draw what comes up. Those days I need two things. 1. A pattern to start with. 2. A string to lean on to. I need one more thing: I need to remember to appreciate, to breath an then start doing it one stroke a time. Familiar isn´t it? Today´s meditation (with some interruption):

Trisnail (Jenna Black), Firecracker (Suzanne McNeill), Waves (Suzanne McNeill) and Fescu (Zt). Yesterday I watched Melinda Barlow draw Trisnail and it looked fun.  So that was what I had in mind as I draw. I liked her way to put some drama in (the black part)! She didn´t use a string, but I did. I like to make strings from the spiralform!

The last three days i my calendar, i practiced embedded letters:

It is fun to do. But my problem is that it is very easy to overload the embedded letters with a lots of patterns! I am an overdoer,  so I have to live with it. As I tangle on, this will lead to something, I know that. It always does so I don´t care to much... Backgrounds to my letters I, J and C are: Florz (zt), Flukes (zt) and Cayla (Chrissie Frampton).

fredag 28 juli 2017

In a round and an embedded B

My first tile today I tangled in a round. With a string made of my "chop".

I have made my chop (my signature) as a pattern and now I tried it as a string. I went on exploring Sandy Hunter´s patterns and found Sweet 101. Rain had to be there this rainy day! Diva Dance since I felt like dancing today and in the background Papermint by Sandy Hunter.

My next tile today:

I had to try embedded letters again! So here comes my B with a lots of patterns! Snorr, Lola and Sweet 101 from Sandy Hunter, the others are zentangles: Rain, Pokeroot, Knightsbridge, Crescentmoon, Fescu and Arukas. Think´s thats all there are.. B is not so much hidden I think, but I like it like this. 

torsdag 27 juli 2017

My calendar meets Sandy Hunter

There are so many talented tanglers around this planet. Some of them I have found. Most of them I haven´t. One of those tangler Ifound early on my tangling journey was Sandy Hunter. I have enjoyed her tangles a lot, Akoya, Lollyvimple, Merryweather and ofcourse Crouffle which is very easy to get addicted to. Last three days I decided to find out more about tangles from Sandy Hunter I didn´t know  and had not tried before. Here are the three patterns I choose:

25th: Snorr. I thought thisone would be a little bit difficult to learn, but following the stepout I found it was very easy and very fun to draw.
26th: Papermint.I have seen this pattern being used once and wanted to try it. So unexpectedly fun! Very easy to learn!
27th: Pooma. This pattern I choose because I had not seen it before and in the stepout Sandy showed many variations of it and this is one variation. To me circles are fun to draw but they are also tricky. Very seldom I have managed to draw a circular circle. Not this time either, but it doesn´t matter it looks cool anyway!

onsdag 26 juli 2017

IAST 205

I bought a circlecutter a while ago. It was cheap. But I wanted to try it. But the result was not too good. I made two zendalas with this cutter that are almost ok. But I don´t recommend others to try it since the difference between original tiles and handmade ones is far to big. Anyhow I made IAST 205 on this handcutted tiles.

The first pic is the unshaded one. 

The second is after shading. Adele asked us to use Shard (Carole Ohl), Pauline´s Pigtail (Adele Bruno) and Shattuck (Zt). 

tisdag 25 juli 2017

I am the Diva´s weekly no 326 with guestblogger Elisa Murphy!

Elisa Murphy asked us to draw a monotangle with ´N Zeppel. As drawing it we should remember the feeling of not fitting in. Or a person struggling with  the -not-fitting-in- situation. Read more about it here.

I made two tiles. This came first:

Me thinking of my youth. The feeling of not-fitting-in was strong. I wanted to but couldn´t. It is nothing unusual in this, a lot of people have this experience. But it was like a relief to draw a tile and visualize it like this.
Then the second one:

This is my today. The ground, quite steady, is there and I am conscious about it. My mother went her own way and now I am doing the same. After looking at this tile I decided to add some blue watercolor. Very lightly. 

It was very meditative and relaxing to do this challenge. I am glad I did it! Thank´s Elisa Murphy!

Calendar and letters

I got stuck with Block´d (Jane Eileen) for some reason! For three days I played with squares in my calendar.

22nd of July: My first Block´d ever. Here with Metro (Anya Ipsen).
23rd of July: Block´d with Beelight (Zt).
24th of July: Block´d with Fragment W7 and Diva Dance (Zt.

Very relaxing to work with this pattern and it may take a lot of appearances! 

Then this happened: I ran into a video with Kitchen Table Tangles. I looked at it twice at least. It was all about embedding letters. I love letters. Letters are magic. But there is also a problem. A close friend of mine (not longer with us), she was an illustrator and made beautiful calligraphy. I followed her work during several years and I admired her creating so much beautiful letters! I know it takes many years of practice to be able to do what she did by hand, not at the computer. I decided not to go deeper into that calligraphy-thing because I figured out I won´t have that time at all. Looking att the video I found another way to think about it. And I couldn´t wait trying!

Actually I thought I couldn´t make letters beautifully. But looking at this I know it is possible. I loved to work with this the way Maria and Rick presented it in their video! It was so easy! I made my first steps with embedded letters on small Bijou. It felt safer in a way.

You can also check out Melinda Barlow´s lesson about embedded letters here

söndag 23 juli 2017

Something borrowed, something blue - IAST 204

Next part of IAST-challenge with weddingtheme. I found this string tricky! Check back on the link above, and then you might understand what I mean!

At last I decided to try it on a rennaisance-tile. Something blue is my version of Suzanne McNeill´s Blue Bonnet. The borrowed pattern is B´Tweed a zentangle original pattern. This is what I love about string: the result will be a surprise almost every time! I would never have done this in this way if it had not been for the string! The string thing is one of the challenges I always want to get back to, because the string keeps me from planning and the only decision I have to make is where to start! The blue tones in this one are made with pastelpencils, the rest is White charcoal, graphite and micron.

fredag 21 juli 2017

19th, 20th and 21st of July

The last three days I have used two tangles that has been a challenge to me. Sez and Peanuckle. They have landed on my tiles, in my sketchbook and now in the calendar.

Sez was the one I started with on the 18th but it followed to encourage me to go for Peanuckle, which I put in a Dingbatz just to be sure it wouldn´t run away! On the 20th, I combined it with Asian Fans, (which is in the Joey´s challenge this week), Msst and Printemps, and today the weather is gloomy, so Msst continued and now I tried to put Peanuckle under it using what I learned on the tile yesterday with Tranzending technique. Mooka and also Fescu joined.

torsdag 20 juli 2017

Experiments and challenges.

The first one today I made on a recycled watercolor painting. On both my tiles I combined Made by Joey´s challenge with guestblogger Susie Ng and I am the Diva´s guestpost Jessica Davies. The recycled one came out like this:

This might be more focus on Peanuckle than on Asian Fans (Suzanne McNeill). But Asian Fans are there like a shelter for Peanuckles I think and then Marnie (Chrissie Frampton) also took place. I regret my try with the shading with Distress markers here, they didn´t work the way I intended. But I kind of like it anyway. 
Then the next tile:

Here is my experiment. I have seen  something called Tranzending. As I understand it, it is like getting a pattern look transparant and let another pattern show through it. Well I worked hard on getting it look like something today, using Asian Fans over Peanuckle. I can´t tell if  my try  worked or not, but it was an experience. The technique was demonstrated on a seminar with Maria and Rick and ofcourse I wasn´t there so I had to guess how to do it.  

onsdag 19 juli 2017

I am the Diva´s challenge no 325

Jessica Davies made her second guestpost in the Divas challenge. I am challenged this week. Second pattern I don´t use becaus I found it non-flowing as I tried it earlier and I didn´t like the outcome of them at all though I struggled with it! But this time it is different.

The difference might not be that I have been a tangler for a while since I tried Peanuckle last time.  I have learned to slow down even more as I work on a pattern I don´t like or I don´t get the sense of.  By making Sez (in my last post) again and again and now Peanuckle I am so happy to find out they could be my best friends in tangling! Looking on the video where Molli Hollibaugh draws her Peanucle, was an eyeopener for this occasion. Click Here to watch!

Here is one Peanuckle I did last I tried! 

tisdag 18 juli 2017

13th-18th of July

My calenderpages from the last 6 days:

13th: PS23 (Susan Kelley Pundt), Marnie (Chrissie Frampton) and Fescu
14th: Cruffles (Sandy Hunter), Trilad (Laura Liu), Aah (Zt) and Tripoli (Zt)
15th: Trilad, Aah and Cruffles 

16th: PS23 (Susan Kelley Pundt), Fluxecho (Lynn Shelton Mead), Caviar (Lori Howe) and Tipple (Zt).
17th: Marnie and Paradox (Zt).
18th Marnie, Paradox and Sez (Zt).

Something old, something new - IAST 203

The challenge from Adele Bruno this time consists of two tangles, one old, Sez (Zt) and one new, Trilad (Laura Liu).

Sez is the tangle I don´t use very often. In challenges I have done it a couple of time. But it hasn´t come to me otherwise. But I have learned that tangles I am in trouble with I should go back to now and then because some day it will happen, that it just fits into the puzzle like the right piece does! Maybe this is what happened here with Sez. I did enjoy to do it which I haven´t before and I am satisfied with the outcome. Thank you Adele, I wouldn´t have done this if you had not put it in your challenge IAST 203! I am looking forward to the next part, something borrowed, something blue!!!

måndag 17 juli 2017

Tangling whereever I go

I visited my granddaughter this weekend. She had her 3rd birthday. This time I went by bus and I have done it before and did it again: I was tangling on the bus! It is such a good thing to do making the distance feel very much shorter! The road is bumpy, to be able to do this I have to slow down more than I use to, but to control the line drawn is almost impossible. They are still wobbling around the tile.

I love to do it, because I can´t expect anything else then what comes out. Now looking at it I think the wobbling does give something extra to the tile. Who cares about perfection! This is just to be in the flow, nothing else! The patterns are: Rain (Zt), Barquillos (Maria Tovar), Cul de Sac (Suzanne McNeill) and Radiowaves (Suzanne McNeill).

Next tile I made after the birthdayparty before going to bed:

More Fluxecho (Lynn Shelton Mead), Flux (Zt) and Narwal (Samantha Taylor). I have prestrung a couple of tiles with roundings because I want to try this out. I liked to use Narwal here, I haven´t used the pattern very much. 

The 3rd tile I made this morning, after a night sleeping in my own bed. I wanted to try the challenge Sandy Kelley Jones initiated on Today´s Tangles:

The patterns are the basic-patterns: Printemps (Zt), Knightsbridge (Zt), Crescentmoon (Zt) and Hollibaugh (Zt). But the borderline is supposed to be a curvy one ant that makes the difference! It was fun to try it like this!

torsdag 13 juli 2017

One more Heart

I couldn´t help it. But the truth is, I had to make one more Heart! I had to try it on a black tile too! So here is my 5th (!) Heart for the Diva´s challenge!

Papyrus (Suzanne McNeill) in the background. Fluxecho (Lynn Shelton Mead), Flux and Tipple. That is all there are. Tangling on a black tile again was a happy moment. I love this surface! Because of the problem getting original black tiles I am very economical with those I have got! Too economical! So now I promise myself to work on them more regularely! Because I enjoy doing it very much! 

About the Heartshape as a string: It is liberating to use the shape as a string, at least for me it is. I can leave all my representations about hearts aside and only let the tangles flow. It is amazing. Thank´s Jessica Davies!

onsdag 12 juli 2017

Joey´s challenge no. 173

I haven´t been doing Made by Joey´s challenges for a while, but I have been there now and then just to see what is coming up. Today Joey has a guest-blogger, Michele Wynne making the rules for this weeks challenge. I have been following Michele and her blog coffee and creativity for some time and knew she would make something fun out of this! Andshe did. We are supposed to use the Rope-string and keep it simple.

I failed to keep it simple. But here it is. As I wanted to try out more to draw in a round I couldn´t resist doing this. So many patterns popped up at once and wanted to be there! It is crowded. But I had fun doing this and it is like patternsampler :). I have tried the ropestring once before so I am happy I got back to it! Thank´s Michele for the challenge!

Hearts in my Calendar

Obviousely I couldn´t stop myself once going into the challenge with tangled hears. I can´t explain this, because Hearts are not my favourite-tangles nor my favourite shape. I was happy to read Jessica Davies story, it made me think of it in an another direction. 

 The last three days are differenthearted. I also added pink, which I normally don´t.
10:th of July: Coffecups (Simone Hassel) and CO2 (Antonine Megger).
11th of July:5CAura, Ina Sonnenmoser, Mooka, Paradox, Diva Dance and Tipple (all Zt).
12th of July: Merryweather (Sandy Hunter) and Florz (Zt).

To use Hearts as a string is a good idea. Then I don´t care about if it is a heart or not, it is just a string. Looking at the result I am happy about the way this came out. The heartshape is just a shape, the tangles just found their places.

Thank´s to Jessica I did something unexpected to myself!

tisdag 11 juli 2017

I am the Diva´s challenge; Guest Jessica Davies

From now and a couple of weeks Laura has invited guests to continue with the weekly challenge. First out is Jessica Davies with a challenge: Tangled hearts. This is my first entry:

I go on with my recycling of old watercolorpaintings. Can you see the heart? Of this particular piece I ought to have taken a before-pic! The reason is; I thought it was a very ugly piece! But I could see a little heart-shape in the middle and from that I could go on tangling! I used the patterns: Phroz (Lynn Shelton Mead), Fassett (Lynn Shelton Mead), LO´s (mine), Knase (Zt), Golden Tipple (Zt) and Zinger (Zt). The Zinger-part wasn´t Zinger from the start, just small bows to make a movement, but all of a sudden Zinger had to come out of that! The painting underneath worked well as a string. I am  happy to see the ugliness turned into this! It is like magic!