lördag 20 januari 2018

3rd tile for Diva´s challenge 347!

Had to go for one more. Stringtheory. I guess after this I will be able to do strings on freehand again and maybe doing them in an other direction?? I had a lot of fun doing all three of them! Here is my string:

My scissors again, my corner-punch and a lid from a pigment-jar. And here is my tangling:

Riki-Tiki (Renee King), Diva Dance, Pokeroot and fragment Y4 from the Zentangle Primer.

torsdag 18 januari 2018

16th-18th of January and Diva challenge continued!

I like the idea of using the calendar as a resource. I continued using Lori Byerly´s patterns for the last three days: 3 To Go, Bublz, Abakus, Flip Flop, Paki and Off Key. I find these pattern so interesting, because they are all individuals, all very special, easy to learn and very relaxing to do. I love them.

I couldn´t keep my hands off going further with the Diva´s challenge. So here is my process for the next one:

My pencil-sharpener, the lid of my Bijou-box, and my scissors. Here is the finished tile on tan surface:

Patterns: Chain Gain (Aleesha Sattva), Organic (Sayantika Ray), Irradial (Tomàs Padrós), Shiraz (Linda Farmer), Tipple and Striping. Hm. Couldn´t help smiling as I saw the face!

tisdag 16 januari 2018

The Diva´s challenge no. 347

This time Laura Harms asked us to just grab something and use it for a string (tracing it). So I found a roll of scotch in a holder fitting on my tile. Here it is:

I had some fun using Lori Byerly´s patterns: Gr8, Paki and Mashed. Then I had to try some tranzending on it too. I loved to do this challenge, since I feel a little stuck doing my strings in the same style all the time! Thank´s Laura, this was perfect match with me right now!

13th - 15th of January

Now I am trying out patterns from Lori Byerly I haven´t tried yet. The first one is gr8. I loved this one at first sight. I am sure I will use this pattern furtheron. Next one is Ruflz. Easy and fun to draw. The third one is 3 to go. I also liked thisone. It makes me smile doing it!

söndag 14 januari 2018


Ashton, 6 year old, created a wonderful tangle called Cativia. It is now the focustangle in Square One! Here comes the step-out as published in Square One:

Sure I had to try this! Easy to learn with many possibilities!

I used the dots in the corners, the Z-string and then tangled. Basics. I love the basics. And I still love the string-thing. Cativia was followed by Citrus (Adele Bruno), Eddyper(?), or something similar and a fragment. I had a nice time doing this!

fredag 12 januari 2018

Featured Artist, non-dominant hand and a calendarpage

Today´s Tangles on FB starts off with a featured artist, Lori Byerly. I have been following her from my own start as a tangler and her patterns has inspired med a lot and opened my eyes to see possibilities without limits in tangling. I love that. 

My first tile with her patterns: Her latest, Ledrow on top and as a frame and then underneath; Mashed, which was one of the first patterns of her, that I learned and have used a lot.

Then I saw Lynn Shelton Mead´s tile with Irradial, drawn with her non-dominant hand and I just had to try that:

Drawing with my non-dominant hand is not a new thing for me, I have done that a lot in the past when I was doing sketching of stilleben or living model at the artschool.. To do it with Irradial was fun and I love the way the lines goes their own ways!

Then to my calendar:

I stayed with the Daily Challenge for three more days. A lot of patterns new to me! 

10th of January: Zurli (Elena Hadzijaneva), Aniane (Karin Godyns) and Ah Love You (Jane Eileen), which I have seen before but not tried.
11th of January: Soleil (Anne Marks), Farin (Marion Kreutzweg) and Plower (Helen Williams), which I have tried before once.
12th of January: Chain Gain (Aleesha Sattva), Scallops (Suzanne McNeill) and Ziggurat (Sandra Strait). Scallops I have seen before but not tried.

This will be the end of my Daily Challenge in my Calendar for now. But not forever! :) I learned some good things doing this and I hope I can keep them in mind: 

1. No Prejudice!
2. Focus on the process, not the result!
3. Embrace and appreciate every single pattern, no matter what you think of it at first sight! 

tisdag 9 januari 2018

The Diva´s challenge 346 and one more take on Christmas

The first challenge for 2018 from the Diva is a Duotangle with two wonderful patterns: Phicops (BRad) and Huggins (Zt). Who can resist this? I made my tile on a tan surface, not original rennaisance but almost the same color.

Maybe there is too much space to the right of the tile, but I kind of like the way it turned out.

I had to do  more on Bijou duo-colored (Twelve-days-of-zentangle, day nine) to get something to play with: 

The one to the left: Shnek (Hanny Nura) and the one to the right: Ginili (Randi Wynne-Parry).

And together:

The fun is to move them around and get new shapes and pics! I loved this technique!