tisdag 23 augusti 2016

A beautiful morning in August

Today the sun has poured all over our village. August hasn´t been this beautiful as it is today. Not much wind, our big lake Siljan has been like a mirror. So I moved out into the garden sitting there with my zentanglemeditation for today.

It was a moment of depth and focus. Even though my dog was digging up something unnameable in the bushes that surrounded us. I had prepared for the string 146 (Lily Moon)and this is what came out of this golden moment. I didn´t know then who had made up this string! but Drogon took place into it, and that´s the pattern of Lily Moon! Then there is LO´s (mine) and Viaduct (Wayne Harlow). I wanted LO´s to join, since I am leaving for Stockholm tomorrow and my friends burial. that also means I won´t post in a week or so, but sure I will tangle!

Before I close this I want to publish the picture I made yesterday with all 10 circletangles in it! Here it is:

Have a nice time and keep on tangling!

måndag 22 augusti 2016

Joey´s challenge no 127

New pattern to me: Sparkle (Sharon Caforio) Great choice by Joey! I like the simplicity of this pattern and will go back to this more than one time! Thank´s Joyce for this!

Undu (Karl Stewart) was my own choice, since I needed something flowing very smoothely around Sparkle!

söndag 21 augusti 2016

About patterns and surprises

The new focus tangle in Square One is Viaduct (Wayne Harlow). I have tried that pattern before. I have seen it been used. But it didn´t appeal to me. The pattern I saw was about cars and highways. I also saw a pattern with 3D possibilities. But it wasn´t enough to really want me to go further with it. I decided to give it one more round though this week! I made it in my sketchbook, on a Bijou-tile and whow, there I found something more! Of course I was inspired by what I saw in Square One, but the fact is, first I had to reach the point when I could draw it more freely. That´s the same with all patterns, appealing or not. I should remember that. 

The surprise came with this morning meditation! I wanted to go on with my personal string-challenge and had come to string 144 (Angela Werner). It was a perfect match to Viaduct! At least in my way of thinking! I guess this pattern will stay in my library of go-to-patterns after this! I had so fun! Flux, Tipple and Beadlines (Margaret Bremner) joined too. 

fredag 19 augusti 2016

IAST 158

Lily Moon is a great artist when we talk about zentangle. Her new pattern Drogon is now on this week´s IAST. I am convinced that Drogon will be used over and over again around the world. It is already running through Facebook-groups. It is a lovely pattern and so easy to learn. Here is my entry for the IAST 158:

Adele Bruno has come up with a nice string as well - 16 - . The challenge was to use our "gold-medal-patterns" together with Drogon. I choose Huggins, Webz (Suzanne McNeill) and Beadlines (Margaret Bremner). As I felt like celebrating this beautiful pattern from Lily Moon I added some red in it!

torsdag 18 augusti 2016


Today was like I needed scaffolding around myself. Something to hold on to when too much feels insecure. I did my daily tangling and looking at it afterwards this becomes obvious to me. Yes it is a part of a mourning-process, I know that. But to look at the process as a picture is a little bit scary at the same time as it is a relief.

The string is important when it is about scaffolding. Here it is string 143 by Beth Snoderly. The patterns are Waves (Suzanne McNeill), Oof, Hollibaugh, Nipa and Tipple.

tisdag 16 augusti 2016

Another way of travelling

Travelling tangles Project is going on every where. At least it seems to. It is a wonderful idea that grows and grows in its own right! Connecting people, that´s what it is about. Joey's weekly is going into a new theme and it is another way of doing this. Joey starts with a tangle and then those who wants to finish it can all do that in Joey´s blog. Ofcourse I want to participate in this. It is so fun! Here is my entry:

The start is Paradox and it is supposed to be placed in the same way as Joey´s suggestion. I added one more Paradox, Diva Dance, tipple and Whalestail (Jenna Black).

Travelling and tangling

It is easy to tangle. You don´t need much. A piece of paper, micron, pencil and a tourtillon. Going on a journey, long or short doesn´t really affect the ability to tangle. Driving a car is not possible though. But sitting in the passengers seat gives a lot of possibilities to tangle. I have made a journey to my father up in north of Sweden, just for a couple of days. We went by car, I didn´t drive and could relax with zentangle.  I worked in my sketchbook, cause it was much easier to hold that, since I didn´t have a table to lean on. I also made some tangles (which I post here) in the night before going to sleep. I don´t need the bumpy roads for tangling, I do that when I don´t have another choice! First my personal challenge; the Strings!

String 140. Drogon (Lily Moon), Maisie (Carla Jennings), Allium (JJ La Barbera), Phuds (Cindy Angtel), Fescu and Tipple.

String 141. Antidots (Anita Roby Lavéry), Chik (Cat Van Royen), Kelp (Nancy Domnauer), Webz (Suzanne McNeill) and Diva Dance.
String 142. Oke (Michele Beauchamp), Orbs-La-Dee (Anneke van Dam), African Artist (Tina Akua Hunziker) and Papyrus (Suzanne McNeill). This one is scanned from my sketchbook.

At last I made one for IAST 157. Two wonderful patterns by Lynn Shelton Mead are in the challenge together with a beautiful string from Adele Bruno.

This is all for now. Now I will go to make some fun with our little dog!