söndag 23 oktober 2016

In the moment

Life changes. We have a new member in our family. A puppy of three month has arrived into our home yesterday. Her name is Iris and she is sweet from the nose to the tip of her tail! Our Pumi, Bisse, is 14 month and she has until now been the centerpoint here. She isn´t any more and that creates a real mezz! We´ll have to reorganize ourselves and our way of living for some time. It is fun but it also means a lot of work! So this morning when I got a moment for myself I sat down tangling, doing the IAST challenge 167, I needed to focus on something else! 

Two to me new patterns in this challenge: Ponio (Mei Hua Teng) and Winflo (Nadine Roller). Yesterday I had no chance to tangle. But I did use my sketchbook, trying to learn these two. They were simple to learn, but I had to struggle a little to make them my own (tangling in the car and in my bed before going to sleep)! Here is the result. I didn´t try to keep it simple. I had to do that, since there wasn´t time for anything else! But I loved to do it and I loved the outcome. To be in the moment, not in the past nor in the future is what I really must care about. When it comes to a little puppy, a junior Pumi and whatever that is what is necessary!
Thank´s to zentangle, it helps me to stay on that path!   

fredag 21 oktober 2016

Autumnleaves now and then

When I look back one year ago today I found that I tangled Autumn Leaves. It was for the Diva´s challenge. Here they are:

Today I also tangled the same theme for Diva´s challenge no 289! I didn´t know I made it on the same day! The tile for today is different of course:

I am not surprised I used Leaflet (Helen Williams) in both tiles, since that is a favouritepattern of mine! The other patterns for todays tile are Lief (SSB), Diva Dance and Tipple.

To use leafs for tangling is not only fun it is also very meditative. At least for me. Leaves they come and go and their beauty are on the highest level short before they disappear and go back to soil. This time I made a print (gold stampink) of Aronialeaf and used that as a string. As I made it a print, the thought appeared in my head, that this special leaf will go on exsisting out in cyberspace as a picture - forever! Whow!

torsdag 20 oktober 2016

Black and Renaissance

I ran out of black tiles a couple of weeks ago. I have worked on other black tiles handcut by myself, but since I love those black original tiles I have missed them. Two days ago I got my original black tiles and yesterday I just went for it. It was so fun!

Now I am on the go again! I used string 180 (Beth Snoderly) and patterns: Cruffle (Sandy Hunter), Chakra (SSB), Mooka, Bales and Tipple.

Today I tried a Renaissance tile for Joey´s weekly challenge no 135.

I don´t work on rennaissance tiles too often. Don´t know why because I am satisfied most of the time with the result.  I do find the shading difficult depending on the surface and the color of the tile. I like to keep it simple and use just a few tools like pencil and micron. Here the patterns are Dicso (Mina Hsiao), Drogon (Lily Moon) and Msst. The string is Joey´s.

tisdag 18 oktober 2016


I was thinking about my relationship to history and my family´s history. History has always been fascinating to me. That was in my mind yesterday. Not a coincident, my youngest brother called me and wanted to come for a visit. Even if we don´t meet often we have a lot in common and we have a lot to talk about.  So here is my daily meditation in one way reflecting that:

Patterns: Antique (Kathy Barringer), Tropicana (Kate Ahrens), Ionic (Margaret Bremner), Printemps and Cubine. The string is my own.

söndag 16 oktober 2016

A lot of strings and fun!

Now I am back home again afte a few days up in the mountains. We have had such relaxing time, walking, taking things slowly, watching our little dog run for joy out in the wideopen landscape and we are happy she always comes back to us when we call on her! Back in the little cottage we rented we had dinner and went into the sauna! In between I have had my time for tangeling too! Doing that I have worked on my personal challenge with strings. Here they are.

string 175 (Audrie Wiesenfelder). This string was perfect for my first tile in the cottage! After I had done it I saw that this was the picture of our presence there! Not planned but there it was: I see us two adults and our little playful and curious dog. In the wintertime a lots of people come to this place for skiing! There are ski-slopes everywhere! That is what came up in the background of this tile: Slalom (Sandra Strait). The other patterns are Ceil (Sandy Steen Bartholomew) and Beadline (Margaret Bremner).

Next one was done in my Sketchbook. String 176 (Barbara Finwall). Gourdgeous is in the Diva´s challenge this week. I had decided not to bother about challenges during our stay, but this string asked for Gourdgeous! Florez (Andrea Schuman) also joined.

We saw such beautiful North Lights, Aurora Borealis, in the evenings. I belive that is what came out on this black tile! String 177 (Sandra Schubert) with an Abeko-tangleation (Lynn Shelton Mead), Stix (Sandy Steen Bartholomew) and Hibered.

String 178 (Anne Marks). Kathy Barringer´s pattern Antique is the focustangle in Square One. This is almost a monotangle. But Laced (Mary Elisabeth Martin) couldn´t stay away! 

String 179 (Cynthia Gannon). Back home, after I had unpacked our bags, I sat down doing this. Rixties is not a pattern I have been working with so much. But this string begged for it. The other patterns are Printemps, Tipple, Wud (Joni Feddersen) and Laced (Mary Elisabeth Martin). Very often I get back to Wud as a frame. I love how it pops with just a little shading!

onsdag 12 oktober 2016

Troubled mind

This has been one of those days when things doesn´t go the way they should. My joints have been aching so I went to the doctor taking some bloodtests. I have to wait for the answers of course. Then shifting the car-deck for winter on my car: I´ll have to by new ones, my old are bad. I KNEW it! But that wasn´t all. They said I have to get new summer car-deck in the spring as well! So when I sat down tangling as I got home, I was pretty mad about everything.

I bet it shows in this tile! As a string I used nr 174 (Annette Plaga-Lodde) and the patterns are: Shark Kisses (Jenna Black), Tatle (Milde Weiss), Dreamcathcer (Daniel La Mothe), Wall Break (Tina Kirchhübel) and Indyrella. Shark Kisses was absolutely the right pattern to start with: Angry teeth! I can tell I am in much better mood after doing this one!

Tomorrow we are going away to the mountains for a few days. That means no posting. But of course I am happy for comments! Always!

tisdag 11 oktober 2016

Thorn Paper

Joey´s challenge this week is about Thorn-paper technique. This is about curiosity. Who doesn´t like to peep through a hole to find out what is on the other side? This is the same thing I belive. Joey had made a Thorn-paper string for us to work with. Here is my result:

I used  Starcrossed (Jenna Black) and 2n5 (Anita Roby Lavery). And some shading. This is fun to do and very fascinating!