måndag 5 december 2016

On the Second day...

It is special with these 3Zs tiles! The outcome is something else, nonpredictable, at least for me. It is fun to play with this size! The second day little Bijou brought Diva Dance!

My tile started with the Foxtrot and ended up in a little Rock n´ Roll! the two tiles so far goes fine together:

Now I have to cut some more triangles to be able to continue this game!:)

söndag 4 december 2016

12 days of X-mas

On the first day of 3Zs... Is something that happens at Rick and Maria´s blog. I have seen it last year happening. Now I´ll try to follow it and this year it is all about the triangle format.  Here is my first post for this occasion:

The tangle for today is Tripoli.

lördag 3 december 2016

Repeating patterns and about strings

There are an infinite amount of tanglepatterns around. So many experiences to make, and so much to discover. To me that sometimes becomes stressful. I want to learn so many of them, that I might loose focus on why I am doing this every day tangling. The point is when you have learned 4-5-6 patterns by heart, there actually are many more. Tangleations and patterns with a lots of similarities. Right now I enjoy go back to basics and work with patterns I am familiar with. Of course I am inspired by the BOOK. But I have been thinking about this for some time now. 

This tile is special to me. I worked with string 202 (Nancy Eaton). I felt so much peace and relaxation just leaning back, choosing patterns I knew well by heart. They are: Shattuck, Jetties, Tipple, Hollibaug, Crescent moon and Printemps. I hope I will remember this further on; It is not the amount of patterns that matters, finding new ones or the patterns in themselves. It is the process, the repeating of them that gives relaxation and I am thankful being able to do this.

The string is special in zentangle. It is a guiding line lightly penciled by freehand on the tile. It is randomly drawn mostly. Not if it is the way I try all the strings at tanglepattern. com. But it works the same way. The string helps a lot not to plan. Just follow.

torsdag 1 december 2016

String 201

My tile for today:

String 201 with patterns: Lolly Wimple (Sandy Hunter), Cruffle (Sandy Hunter), Mooka (Anya Ipsen), Shiraz (Linda Farmer), Beadline (Margaret Mead) and Florz.

Before I made this I started with my Zentangle Grundkurs 1 in German. It was quite easy to understand the German text. Not too many words I have looked up in the dictionary. Maybe 3 or 5. I tried to follow the first lesson which was familiar. What I liked with it was the background-information about the tangles and of course it is good to get back to the basics again! 

I liked what I did and I can see there is a big difference today compared with my first tangles! I guess it is called improvement!

onsdag 30 november 2016

The book

Today it arrived! Zentangle Primer Vol. 1, or as it is called in German: Zentangle Grundkurs 1. So now I have taken my German dictionary out of the bookshelf and yes, I am reading it!

Of course I had to jump to the chapter about Reticula and Fragment at once. I have just started to read but it is interesting and I think it is worth the effort! I couldn´t just read I had to make a tile too where I picked two of the fragments and made a simple reticula to draw in:

I just picked them out as I saw them and did what I did. Not much to say about so far, I have to study the chapter more. But the book is beautiful and very inspiring. Now I have to go to my choir to reherse so this is all for now.

tisdag 29 november 2016

String 200 and a fragment

The pattern Sindoo I call a high-focus pattern. To me that means I have to make an effort to learn it. I have to explore it before I can make it "mine". What I have done is to break the pattern down into a fragment. So now I am in that fragment-reticula thing again. Today´s meditation might make it clear what I mean.

The second pic is the scanned back side of the tile and I draw the fragment there to remember what I have done. The reticula is obvious in this tile I guess.

This is also a monotangle in my way to see it. Yes there are some small round orbs too. But I decide it is a monotangle. This was not planned but it went that way and I used string 200 (Margaret Bremner). Of course I could have filled all the spaces but I didn´t. And I am satisfied with that.

måndag 28 november 2016

String 198 and 199

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent here in Sweden. It is special, with stars, lights and candles that are coming up everywhere there are people in this country. And in many countries around the world. It is the beginning of christmas season and it affects almost everything if you are a christian or not. You simply cannot avoid participating this strong movement through society. I did spend some hours in church rehersing and singing in the choir at the worship. Then home, getting the stars in the windows fixed and the candles and the red curtains in the windows and whatever. It all came out the usual way: very cozy when the evening came, the dogs exhausted asleep because of all our activity at home and us sitting at the table with the candles burning and resting. Then my tile grow from string 198 (Shirleen Long): 

I usually sits on my own in my studio tangling, but not last night. But it was very peaceful and the focuspattern of Square One, Sindoo (Sharon Robinson) was a perfect match to the string. 

Today´s meditation went in a totally different direction:

There are some worries in my mind right now which affects me. I started with string 199 (Mei Hua Teng) and Reel (Lily Moon). Moowa (Anya Ipsen) was moving in. I wasn´t satisfied with the start at all but took a deep breath and decided to just go on and not condemn what I just did. Let it be there and se what the finish would lead to. More Moowa. A Beadline (Margaret Bremner) and then Amaze as a filler. Despite of the outcome I feel satisfied with what I have done and I am happy I didn´t give it up at a certain critical point but went on till the finish was done!