onsdag 25 april 2018

Working with the Primer

Exercise no 16 in the Primer was something extra! Go back to one tile I wasn´t happy with and redo it slowly. I went back to a tile done in August 2015 (early in my tangling journey). As I saw this tile again I got the feeling I had when I had done it. I know there are no misstakes in zentangle. But this tile made me feel like a failure!!! Here comes the journalpage with both tiles (scanned):

The difference is obvious, isn´t it!! Here comes the first tile (photo):

I find it so messy and so unsure. Yes it was the first time I tried Schway but I get a little nervous looking at this tile. Here is the one I made today:

I like this one much better.  This exercise was very interesting. Not only because I think I have improved. But because I can see that my confidence in myself has grown, I have calmed down and another thing is: I have got rid of the feeling I had looking at my first one, which was a bad feeling! And the point is, now I can accept the first one and also find things that are interesting in it! Yes, this exercise was healthy and fun, I will sure try this again!

tisdag 24 april 2018

22nd-24th of April and some more tangling

Now I start to belive Spring is here to stay! Just one snowpack outside our house is to be seen, but that one has been hughe, now our dogs can jump over it! Flux is a tangle that speaks about growth and brings a promise of a warmer season to come! I love this time every year and it is worth everything!

A couple of days ago I visited a friend of mine and she wanted to know about the zentangle method. I brought her some of my books, some tiles, pens and a pencil. We had a wonderful evening tangling. 
I always love to go back to basics, to basic patterns, it is always so relaxing and I always feel happy doing it.

Nipa, Crescent Moon and Knightsbridge. Nothing more is to be needed. 

Today I made this tile:

Boucle (Cherryl Moote) is the focustangle in Square One. Such a lovely one to draw. It reminds me of Printemps ofcourse. Here together with Shattuck, Maze, Flux and Tipple, all Zt. I am happy how this came together. It has some Spring in it!

fredag 20 april 2018

16th-21st of April

I think I could go on playing with Oof maybe for the rest of this month, but I won´t. I stop with Oof drawn with straight lines. This tangleation (or maybe a new pattern?) makes me happy.

I am ahead (?!) in my calendar! I am not able to do anything in it tomorrow soo... I now revisited Umble. A pattern I didn´t like at all when I first learned it. I have tried it a few times after that but Umble has not spoken to me. I rather draw Hollibaugh or something else. I belive it is depending on my hands are a little more shaky than they used to be in my youth. Umble is very easy to learn, it is one stroke and Auras. My lines always seems to wobble. It doesn´t really matter that I slow down as much as I can. Most of the time I doesn´t care about this . In most patterns this isn´t disturbing, on the contrary it adds something. But with Umble I am not sure of that. I have tried to find my way with Umble on this page. I have made it thinner, fatter, with more or less black in it. I admit we are not friends yet, but some steps closer. I haven´t given it up, I will go back to it again further on.

tisdag 17 april 2018

Diva´s Weekly challenge 360

This week´s challenge from the Diva is to make a duotangle with Shattuck and Tripoli. These are patterns not often made as a combo, but watching Laura´s video is a great inspiration! Here comes my entry:

To use Shattuck as a reticula is a great idea. I will keep this in my mind! This was a great challenge, with wellknown patterns (no need for step-outs), so much fun and relaxation! Shattuck and Tripoli also happens to be my favourites which made me even more happy about it!

måndag 16 april 2018

More Oof

I don´t think I am finished with Oof yet. There are so many possible ways to go with this pattern. Today´s meditation:

Oof in the middle is the common Oof. Above I put fragment W7 into the rounding and also I made a simpler Oof. In the bottom I straightened out the roundings and got another tangleation, Oofsed Squares! To the left Oofs-A-Daisy, the lovely tangleation by Cris Letourneau!

And yes I had some fun!

söndag 15 april 2018

13th-15th of April and a black tile

Oof is an official tanglepattern and I have been using it now and then. I like to play with it and it always looks different! Now I found Cris Letourneau´s tangleation Oofs-A-Daisy which is a great one too! I had to try it on a black tile:

It went this way with a lot of Tipple. Very relaxing moment with this tile!

fredag 13 april 2018

10th-12th of April and a tile for Cris

Amphora (Lily Moon) for three days. This is a beautiful tangle that I use now and then. It can take many shapes! 

Recently Cris Letourneau CZT, artist and author has been affected hardly as her husband died in a fire that totally destroyed their home. Cris and her daughter Alexa are safe since they were not at home that nigt. In the group Today´s Tangles were Cris is a member, Sandy asked us to make tiles, send them to her and she will send the package to Cris for comfort and support. Here is my tile for her, now on its way by mail.

The patterns are Flukes, Ing, `NZeppel and Peace Petals (Sandy Kelley-Jones).