torsdag 16 november 2017

Reflections on "Non-representational"

As I ran into Zentangle method, one of the first things I heard of was that Zentangle was non-representational. To me that means Abstract. It isn´t made to look like anything. I was attracted by this idea, since that was very close to my thoughts about my own art. Of course I can draw a cat and then tangle on it. But as I do that I immediately jump into planning. Another aspect of this is  that the cat has a top and a bottom. Zentangle hasn´t. Nothing prevents me from doing tangles on a cat just for fun but the only thing this way of drawing has in common with the zentanglemethod is the structured patterns.

Today I made a happy tangling, doing an exercise from Zentangle Primer using Shattuck, Jetties and Bales. Couldn´t resist to make the tangleation of Bales I learned from Martha Huggins.  Here it is:

Jetties is a pattern consisting of orbs. Could be balls in the eyes of the observer and if so it could be representational. But the meaning of non-representational is something else. Abstract doesn´t mean there are no recognizable objects. The picture as whole is abstract and there is no intention to make it in an other direction. Maybe this Shattuck may look like a fence? If the observer think it is, than it is ok, but there is no intention to make a fence, the interpretation is in the observers eye.

In abstract art you find a lot of symbols, well known or only known by the artist. Patterns are used in symbolic ways. In zentangle this also happens, but it is always unpredictable, since there is no planning. Even if this was an exercise, I didn´t plan the outcome, but I decided to use these patterns as suggested in the exercise.

This tile is special in another way. Tanglers are using "chops" to sign their tiles. Till now I have used the signature I use on my paintings. But today I knew what my chop should look like! It took some time, but here it was!

Another example of non-representational drawing:

I tangled the cover of the notebook I got from my granddaughter a couple of days ago. Tangles used: Showgirl (Vicki Bassett) and Well Well (Zt). Looking at it I could make an interpretation and speak about whirling feathers or something else, but it still is non-representational.

I love the possibilities non-representational pictures, abstract pictures gives to me: It can be anything and I never get tired of looking at them. And I never get tired of making them, since the focus is mainly on the process and the process is so liberating!

onsdag 15 november 2017

10th - 15th of November

A busy time and I have not updated my blog! But I have been tangling in my calendar between singing in my beloved choir "Siljans Vokalensemble"! So here we go:

10th of November: Betwinkle (Alexandria Cortez Diaz) and Noon.
11th of November: Betwinkle with Papz (mine). It was special to have my own tangle as #Giveatangle2017! I loved to see what others has created. Here I tried some tranluZence with the beautiful Betwinkle!
12th of November: Papz meeting LaBel (Sue Jacobs).

In the Fb-group Today´s Tangles, Sandy Kelley-Jones reminded us all that in zentangle there are no ups and downs, so I tried to turn my page 180°!  Because of the numbers this is easy to forget. But this time I happened to like the page more when I turned it!

13th of November: Huggins and LaBel. Huggins is such a great tangle! I just love it! Some extra Huggins appeared. There are days I tangle in my calendar at the Breakfast-table. I spilled some tea on this page accidently. And ooops some more Huggins grew up right there!
14th of November: Verdigog with more Huggins.
15th of November: Molygon and Verdigogh.

It is a little more than a month till Christmas. But here I have felt like it was Christmas due to the last Newsletter from Zentangle! Rick and Maria has published a Project-pack with some videos that are like Christmas-gifts! Here are my latests tiles inspired by the videos:

A new zentangle Dewd! So nice and so addictive to draw! You find the video here.

And this is a new tangleation on Bales as shown by Martha Huggins here. I loved this little one while listening to her voice telling what to do. So easy and so much zen. 

torsdag 9 november 2017

4th-9th of November

Continuing with #Giveatangle2017. The tangle for 4th was Inapod (Carole Ohl). I don´t feel like monotangling right now, so Schway joined. On the 5th Dragonair (Norma Burnell) was accompanied by Inapod and a little Tipple. The tangle for the 6th was Twirl (Helen Williams). That cute little pattern wasn´t  my easiest though I thought so at first. I only looked at the steps and just went for it. But then I realized there was a video too so I watched it and to my surprise I had missed the last step of the pattern! But here it was like this together with Dragonair and Vitruvius!

I got a new chance on the 7th and now I tried to do it properly with Zinger in focus. My first take went into Assunta instead!!! But at last I made it!!! The 8th came with one of my favourites: Ing! Also with more Zinger. For today Noom was the tangle. I DO like Noom, though I haven´t played with it much. I think I will further on. Here with more Ing.

söndag 5 november 2017

Schway and Membranart

Schway is an official zentangle. As it was introduced in 2013 I wasn´t a tangler yet. I guess I might not have been hooked if that should have been the first tangle I would have ran into. But you never know. I was reminded on this pattern, which I have tried before, as it came up in the prompt for November in Today´s Tangles. How to deal with it? I am able to make it from the step-outs, I know that. But to take the next step and make it mine? That is another question. 

I started doing it as I have learned to do. Going back to basics with dots in the corner, penciled line binding the dots together and then there came a string, randomly drawn. I had to struggle with myself not to judge, but appreciate what came from my pen. 

I wanted to accept and appreciate this but the fact is it wasn´t much zen. I had to put this aside giving it a chance. So I went for another round today.

First of all I choose to get two patterns together that I didn´t like too much.  Shway and Membranart. Membranart (Thomás Padrós) wasn´t a pattern I took to my heart at the first sight, even if I saw a lot of beautiful examples with this pattern being done in the Fb-groups. My first tile had to be a monotangle with Membranart only, just to get some hang of it:

Mmm. A little bit more exciting then my first round with it in the calendar.  Now I could do it without thinking too much about HOW to do it. Just let it be what it might be. I am not a perfectionist. I am not trying to be one. But the important thing with tangling to me is to get it flow, to be in the zone, to have fun and relaxation. This was almost fun. But I still wasn´t there. So what was going to happen putting these two patterns together?

Now I had to give up my thoughts of the result (which is a problem sometimes) since theese two patterns didn´t actually talk to me. I had to trust them talk to eachother instead.  And there it was!!! I don´t know where it happened, but all of a sudden I was just drawing, not worrying, and it was a wonderful moment! I did feel gratitude, I appreciated the process, I didn´t judge myself and I was happy doing this! Looking at the final result I am once again telling myself "This is magic". I love the zentangle-method because of this! 

I like to set all three tiles together just to get another view of them and be able to revaluate this process.

Looking at them not as separate tiles I do like them a lot. My frustration is gone and you never know, I might go for Schway again! Or Membranart!

Calendar 1st - 3rd of October

November. Grey and heavy. But still a time to tangle! I started off with the suggested fragment for the month, V4. I like the weavy structure of this fragment! Think I will use it more. The rest of the month I will use my calender doing #Giveatangle challenge in the FB-group Today´s tangles. One tangle a day is the theme. 2nd of November: Vitruvius. I made the striping too, since that was on 1st of November! On the 3rd Schway came up. I have read a lot of comments about Schway like "it is not my kind of cup". Well well, how to handle that. I have used it once. But Then it landed in my pile for not-my-kind-of-cup-tangle!!! I have learned something through my zentangle-journey: Not to give up. Just go for it again. And again. Try to make friends. Lets see if that will work for this tangle!

onsdag 1 november 2017

October 31st and the Diva´s weekly.

Autumntheme the last day in October. With Gourdgeous and Leaflet (Helen Williams). I made this with the Diva´s challenge in mind. I tried not to think of Pumpkins. But what to do when it is Halloween! So Gourdgeous had to be there this year too! 

tisdag 31 oktober 2017

Striping with a Twist

As Margaret Bremner made her "Striping with a twist" she brought the tanglepattern "Striping" (official pattern from the Zentangle headquarter) to a new level. Many of us wanted to try this and so did I. Now this is the focustangle in Square One. Striping with a Twist. As a tangler you want to add something personal when tangling. Striping is one of those patterns I find difficult to add a personal Twist. It doesn´t bother me though, I use the Striping now and then and love it. But to take over another tanglers personal twist is even harder I think, without just being a copycat! This time I made it on a Rennaisance-tile:

The other patterns used are Sez (Zt) and Pixiose (Margaret Bremner). I also tried to practice some Tranzending on this. Somehow it just happened. I didn´t care about the outcome, I just enjoyed the process (which I am not sure I did when I tried Striping with a twist last time)and to be in the "zone". All of a sudden I had a great time, and fun too!